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Posted By Emre Umar

Having a loved one incarcerated during the holiday season can be challenging. You can ensure they feel included in the holiday celebrations by sending them a care package to show them they are still in your heart while they are away.

Sweet Treats

Send a care package that is full of their favorite holiday treats like cherry cordials, candy canes, gingerbread cookies, peppermint M&Ms, etc. They will still have all the sweet treats that only come out during the holiday season and a loved one is the person who sent it to them.

Bath gels and fragrances

Shower accessories, like shampoos, deodorants, shower gels, etc., can be a great option if your loved one is stressed or unable to relax.

Coffee and breakfast items

Create a breakfast care package, maybe one that is similar to the breakfast your family has during the holidays. This could include flavored coffees, like pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, or eggnog.


If you aren’t sure what to get your loved one and the items listed above don’t seem to be hitting the mark, you can always make a deposit in their personal account. This way they can go to the commissary to purchase something they would like.

Greeting cards

If you aren’t sure what to say, buy a greeting card that can say it for you. You could also have family photos taken and mail the photo as a greeting card to your loved one.

Write it all down

After the holidays, don’t lose the connection. Write a long letter about all the family things that happened so your loved one can feel like they were right there will everyone at the dinner table. Be sure to mention how much you missed having them home.

Holidays without a family member or close friend can be hard for you as well as them. But sending thoughtful gifts and letters is a great way to stay connected throughout this time.

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